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smart home and building automation hobbyist

small business operator

technology enthusiast

  • Combine and make different Ethernet Relays, Environmental Sensors, Automation Controllers, Lighting Controllers, Power Meters, Power Distribution Units, Programmable Logic Controllers, Power Line Carriers and other "as is" none-itegratable, vendors' devices talk to each other, literally converting these separate systems into one flexible and easy to manage automated infrastructure!

  • "Brain-Up" almost any electrical appliance and control its behavior via single consolidated 100% Web Based User Interface via PC or virtually any modern, web enabled hand held device!

  • Use your mobile device to open a window, close a curtain, turn off lights, activate the air conditioning, turn on the stereo or flick a TV channel, while automating any or all of these according to time or an event, to suit your lifestyle or business requirements!

  • Address "paranoia" of doors or windows you may have left open, or gas you may have left on, or flooding happening in your basement, monitoring their statuses right from your handheld or been notified via SMS message of the event!

automation, HVAC, SCADA, M2M integrator

security system installer

BMS facility manager

  • Deploy cost-effective automation solutions that are easy to install, retrofit, integrate, modify and maintain which easily can be used for Environmental Control and Automation of homes, buildings, dwellings, laboratories, farms, medical facilities, respite houses, data centres etc., from virtually anywhere via wired or wireless TCP/IP network!

  • "Brain Up" and instantly add true remote control and automation options to already available lighting controllers or PLC technologies such as X10, A10, Insteon, Xanura, UPB, C-Bus, Lutron, Dynalite and many more!

  • Consolidate control and monitoring of multiple physical locations (principal residence, business, holiday house)  through a single user interface from any PC, or from a wide range of Smart Phones and hand held devices!

  • Reduce the cost of deployment and ownership of your or your customers' automation projects by simplifying and minimizing the footprint of automation controllers needed to be deployed to enable full scale of Monitoring, Control and Automation across dispersed physical sites!

automation controllers and environmental sensors manufacturer

Smart Metering Infrastructure Integrator

technology reseller

  • Simplify integration of your technology with offerings from other vendors by providing the perfect, "out-of-box" integration bridge, allowing your customers even much greater flexibility and cost efficiency, making it accessible, virtually to any modern web enabled device via wired or wireless TCP/IP network!

  • Combine iMCA Server™ and iMCA Controller™ with our client base to further improve the exposure and value proposition of your proprietary technology and diverse range of products!

  • Use our powerful, automation protocol agnostic iMCA Server™ framework, its build-in tools and friendly "Drag & Drop / Point & Click" User Interface for Data Collection, Analysis, Monitoring, Control and Automation, immediately unlocking capabilities that natively have not been build into your device!

  • Consider our iMCA Server™ and iMCA Controller™ solution for extending your subscription and cloud services across infrastructure Monitoring, Controlling and Automation market niche!

iMCA Data Sheet