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Intelligent Monitoring, Control and Automation (iMCA) Server™ and iMCA Controller™ is IoT (Internet of Things) type of solution, a modular, scalable system that enables visual monitoring, physical control and automation of virtually all types of environments - residential, commercial, industrial and scientific. This universal and cost-effective solution accessible equally to technology enthusiasts, early adopters, early majority consumers and experienced market niche players. It is technology protocols agnostic and operates on the wide range off-the-shelf hardware.

This system easily can be used for Monitoring, Control and Automation of homes, buildings, dwellings, laboratories, farms, medical facilities, respite houses, data centres etc., and it can be done from virtually anywhere via wired or wireless network be deployed indoor as well as in remote outdoor scenarios.

For home automation hobbyists, small business operators, technology enthusiasts, HVAC, SCADA, M2M integrators, security system installers and building facility managers iMCA Server™ provides powerful middleware integration framework capabilities with reach in options and universal user interface that can be used for reaching wide set business objectives and solving variety of automation integration problems while covering wide range of general electromechanical automation issues.



iMCA Data Sheet

The major distinguishing point of the iMCA System's approach is that it does not focus on any particular vendor or automation protocol or deployment methodology, but rather supports an ever-increasing list of best of breed HVAC, SCADA, M2M controllers as well as and stand alone switching, sensing elements and devices as they come onto the market (our iMCA Server™ and iMCA Controller™ undergo constant further development and extension). This gives the user incredible flexibility in mixing, matching and combining these devices to deliver a cross-technology, no-compromise, retro-fit-capable and indeed fit-for-purpose solution.

Even though the iMCA System is "customer-needs-centric" rather than a product of "technology enforcement" by a particular vendor, it provides the perfect integration bridge between different automation technologies and standards, enabling not only the seamless use of all manner of devices by the customer, but also unlocking the true potential and power of these devices, which often remains unexploited because of the complexities encountered in both installation and support when trying to get an otherwise great unit to "play properly with others" in the real world.  

The iMCA Server™ has been developed in compliance with the best enterprise-level architectural principles of system design and performance, enabling scalability, modularity, interoperability and operational reliability. At the same time, it encapsulates the attributes of the best consumer-level products; being innovative, self-contained, self-manageable, unobtrusive, honest, understandable and easy to use.

Any iMCA Server™/ iMCA Controller™ based solution can be rapidly deployed and deliver the ability to make different devices and sensors talk to each other, iMCA Conceptionliterally converting these separate systems into one flexible and easy to manage infrastructure. It simplifies your life as a user or as a system integrator, by tying together and automating all aspects of minor and major electromechanical appliances of a home or business.

These categories of users can use iMCA Server™ and based on it iMCA Controller™:

    Home automation hobbyists, small business operators and technology enthusiasts for:
  • "Braining-Up" almost any electrical appliance and control their behaviors via single consolidated 100% Web Based User Interface via PC or virtually any modern, web enabled handheld device!
  • Using almost any mobile device to open a window, close a curtain, turn off lights, activate the air conditioning, watering and irrigation, turn on the stereo or flick a TV channel, while automating any or all of these according to time or an event, to suit your lifestyle or business requirements!
  • Address "paranoia" of doors or windows you may have left open, or gas you may have left on, or flooding happening in your basement, monitoring their statuses right from your handheld or been notified via SMS message of the event!
    Automation, HVAC, SCADA and M2M integrators, security system installers and BMS facility managers for:
  • Deployment of cost-effective automation solutions that are easy to install, retrofit, integrate, modify and maintain which easily can be used for Environmental Control and Automation of homes, buildings, dwellings, laboratories, farms, medical facilities, respite houses, data centres etc., from virtually anywhere via wired or wireless TCP/IP network!
  • "Braining Up" and adding instant true remote control and automation options to already available lighting controllers or PLC technologies such as X10, A10, Insteon, Xanura, UPB, C-Bus, Lutron, Dynalite etc!
  • Combining and making different Ethernet Relays, Ethernet Sensors, Automation Controllers, Lighting Controllers, Power Meters, Power Distribution Units, Distributed Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Power Line Carriers and other "as is" none-integratable, vendors' devices talk to each other, literally converting these separate systems into one flexible and easy to manage automated infrastructure!
  • Consolidated control and monitoring of multiple physical locations (principal residence, business, holiday house) through a single user interface from any PC, or from a wide range of Smart Phones and hand held devices!
  • Cost reduction of deployment and ownership for your or your customers' automation projects by simplifying and minimizing the footprint of automation controllers needed to be deployed to enable full scale of Monitoring, Control and Automation across dispersed physical sites!

    IP based HVAC, SCADA and M2M controllers, Ethernet Relays and Sensors device manufacturers, Electrical Smart Metering Integrators and technology resellers for:
  • Simplification and integration of your technology with offerings from other vendors by providing the perfect, "out-of-box" integration bridge, allowing your customers even much greater flexibility and cost efficiency, making it accessible, virtually to any modern web enabled device via wired or wireless TCP/IP network!
  • Further improving the exposure and value proposition of your proprietary technology and diverse range of products by using our own iMCA Server™ and iMCA Controller™ client base!
  • Using our powerful iMCA Server™ framework, its build-in tools and friendly "Drag & Drop / Point & Click" User Interface for Data Collection, Analyzing, Monitoring, Controlling and Automation for immediately unlocking capabilities that natively have not been built into your devices!

If you already have some sort of home or building automation network (X10, A10, Insteon, Xanura, C-Bus, PulseWorx UPB, Elk/Ness M1, etc), but lack true (!) remote control and extensive automation options, and you feel you are held back from unlocking the real power of what you have already invested in then our system is for you!

Whether you are looking to complete a small DIY (do it yourself) or HVAC ((heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), SCADA(Supervisory for Control And Data Acquisition), or M2M (machine to machine) integration project, enhance already installed but limited automation technology, or, create a full-scale integrated monitor and control automation solution, the iMCA Server™ and iMCA Controller™ are ideal for achieving your goals and limited only by the imagination.......