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Controls individual users access level and resource availability. Please note that the iMCA System considers "USER" to be not only a person who can physically login into the system from a variety of access devices but also a single access device (a permanently connected touch screen terminal system for example). Combine "Access Level", "Allowed Interface", "Forced Interface", "Trusted Host Name", "Trusted IP Address" options to create role based scenarios for connecting and communicating with iMCA system for individuals and access devices or units.

There are four different "USER ACCESS LEVELS" available:

In conjunction with the user "ACCESS LEVEL" there is also "ALLOWED INTERFACE" option. It provides greater flexibility for controlling what interface is allowed to be viewed or accessed on particular user or device terminals. There are four different options:

There are five different "ALLOWED INTERFACEs" available:

By using "Forced Interface" option you can always reinforce and overwrite default (also customisable) access interface.