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Aviosys IP Power 9223K is an industrial grade 4 port bare board relay perfect to power management through an Ethernet connection. Applications include - System Integration, Remote Power management, Automation, Enhance products with a remote power control, Digital Signage, Lighting control, Power Scheduler and many more. When integrated with iMCA System, you can not only remotely control the power of your devices from virtually anywhere, but also create virtual connections with any sensors registered in the iMCA System such as temperature, humidity, vibration, flood, air flow, PIR detectors, GAS detectors, etc. You can easily create and execute any number of automation scenarios based on time schedule or sensor information, without having to deal with any cryptic codes or learning a scripting language. Ideal for small to medium size projects where remote power control required. When used with the iMCA System and its state sensors it is useful for quick visual monitoring of states of various objects like doors/windows open/closed etc...

Specification and Features


You can source Aviosys IP Power 9223K from the vendor directly, your preferred distributor or from us as a standalone module for US $180 (plus postage and handling) or as a part of iMCA Controller package. As we work with our clients directly helping to shape their automation projects we do our best to minimise all costs wherever possible. Please contact our support service should you have any questions relating to this hardware or how it can be in use for your automation project.