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BC4X1 Pro Automation Controller by BitWise is Infrared Gateway Interface which transforms any system integrated with this unit into universal IR remote control with virtually limited possibilities. Any device controllable by IR, RS232 or IPcan be connected. Voltage sensing, routable IR, bidirectional RS232 l, analog inputs and digital inputs/outputs allow for a wide array of automation and control possibilities. When integrated with iMCA System, you can not only remotely control almost any of your IR based remote control devices, control 2 Normal Open/Close relays and attached devices, read 1 temperature sensors or 2 analogue/digital inputs from virtually anywhere, but also create virtual connections with any other sensors registered in the iMCA System such as temperature, humidity, vibration, flood, air flow, PIR detectors, GAS detectors, etc. You can easily create and execute any number of automation scenarios based on time schedule or sensor information, without having to deal with any cryptic codes or learning a scripting language. Ideal for projects of any size where Infrared Remote control is required, and 2 switching relays, 1 analogue/temperature inputs are sufficient. When used with the iMCA System and its state sensors (including this unit itself) it is useful for quick visual monitoring of states of various objects like doors/windows open/closed etc

Specification and Features